'Vessel' is a video work about constriction and freedom, oppression and liberation. In many ways, this video is a celebration of being alive. Yes, it is about being caged and it is about being a woman in an as yet patriarchal world, it is about the restrictions and constraints that society puts upon us and then we learn to put upon ourselves. But, it is also about so much more than that. It is a celebration of survival, of strength, of the human spirit. It is an expression of my reclaiming myself, my body and my soul.

If there is one thing that I want to do, it is to fully experience the fact of being alive. To take water in my hands. To enjoy breathing. To wiggle my toes as they bask in the glory of sunlight. I want to experience my humanness, and I want to experience the impact of it. I want to make mistakes and learn from them later. I want to let my hair down every once in a while. I want to be human, whole and complete even in solitude, and connected with others in a way that enhances freedom rather than restricting it.

This piece has not yet been released online, but it will be updated on this page as soon as it is released.